SNAP COO Advisory

SNAP COO, Inc. was created with the long held belief that businesses of all sizes who suffer from Operational, People, Process, Service and Sales maladies will greatly benefit from what we call a First Responder approach. This is the Get in, Solve it and Get out model of SNAP COO.

Smart, less expensive, targeted.

Sort of the anti-consultant consulting solution.

Refreshing, isn't it? We think so. In a SNAP.

SNAP COO will engage to advise your internal organizational leaders on Recruiting Excellence. SNAP will partner with your company to build a world-class internal recruiting team complete with powerful processes and fully integrate these into your current tools. SNAP does not represent or sell any software. Therefore, if your company is launching an internal recruiting function and is without the necessary tools any recommendations made to your organization will be suggested purely on the product’s merits.

SNAP offers executive coaching, employee relations’ advisory services, talent selection assessment and work style assessment sessions as well as HR Business Partner consulting.

SNAP provides these services at the industry’s most competitive rates with the goal of becoming your trusted advisor in the long term.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Internal Recruiting Organizational Structure, Talent Selection and Process build
  • Recruiter Training (Sourcing, Hunting and Closing)
  • Employee Relations
  • HR Business Partner
  • Software and Tools Assessment for HR and Recruiting
  • Work Style Assessment, Team Building
  • Talent Selection Assessment

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